OFF LIFE 12 is now out in print and digital… and you can read it free right here, right now!

And… we’re back! Revitalised from running our Yellow series – where 52 artists are illustrating 52 weeks of news – and ready to put some comics up inside your eyeholes

In OFF LIFE 11 we began the redesign of our magazine and that continues here within these pages. From The Project Twins cover art to our candid interview with Charles Burns, we think it looks proper tasty.

We also have the pleasure of featuring some of the best indie talent around in this issue, not least: Samplerman, Alessandra De Cristofaro, Stevie Gee and Pete Gamlen. So dig in and enjoy!

Don’t forget you can order print copies to be delivered straight to your door – just £3.99 including P&P!

Editor: Daniel Humphry
Art Director: Steve Leard