About Us

If you’re looking for a website dedicated to comics, there are certainly plenty around. We’d like to welcome you to ours and hope you decide to stick with us. Created by a small and intimate group of comic book lovers our aim is to bring you the latest news and info relating to the best world and UK comics. My name is Cecile and I’m the founder. I’ve not always been a lover of comics, I’d call myself more of a recent convert. And I’m certainly not old enough to have been around when comic books first began. When I was younger I did dabble in the comic book market, with The Beano and The Dandy being regular reading material, under the covers late at night. Back then it was all that was available, and if I hadn’t read a few of them I’d have nothing to talk about with my pals.

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As I got older I kind of grew out of reading comic books, but my interest was rekindled with all the Marvel and DC Comics films and TV serials. Iron Man, The Green Goblin, Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk and many more have all graced the silver screen recently. And after watching them I realised what I’d mean missing all these years. I joined some forums and made plenty of new friends, and with a few of them we decided to design our own comic book website. We’ve even had a go at creating our own digital comic book. I’ve got to admit this didn’t go too well and we very quickly decided to shelve the idea. There are far better writers out there and plenty of talented artists. Why did we even think we could compete?

Anyway, enough about me and OFFlife. Perhaps I need to tell you what is planned. Otherwise you’re going to be wondering what there is for you to read. We’ll be looking at some of the best UK comics. After all, the UK is where we’re based and it’s a subject we’re all very au fait with. Alongside this we’ll also be looking at some of the best comics worldwide. And this will be an adventure for us as well as you. Keep our site on your digital shelf and make sure you pop back on a regular basis to see what’s new, what’s interesting and what’s happening in the world of comic books. We’re all busy binge watching the new Gotham series at present, but we’ve got loads of time to give you the low-down on the comic book world.