2 Face Harvey

Another super-villain that makes regular appearances in DC Comics publications is Two-Face Harvey Dent. Bill Finger and Bob Kane are the creators of this character who is another of Batman’s adversarys. His first appearance was in 1942 in Detective Comics #66 and from that moment to this day he has been a thorn in Batman’s side. Harvey has made it into the list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time and comes in at number 12.

What is 2 Face Harvey’s story?

Harvey Dent hasn’t always been a bad guy. He used to be an upstanding member of Gotham society when he held office as the District Attorney. More recent versions of Harvey’s life story make him a close and personal friend as well as an ally of both James Gordon and Batman. Events took a wrong turn when he was hideously disfigured when a mob boss threw acid at him during a court trial. Harvey didn’t take his injuries very well and the scarring on the left side of his face drove him insane. His personality change led him to adopt the “Two Face” personal and he turned to crime. He also gained an unhealthy obsessions with the number two and duality. Over the years writers have chosen to give a number of different reasons for his mixed up personality. Bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia are just a few of the issues he has had to deal with. To help Harvey make his life decisions he used a two sided coin, also damaged during the acid attack. He considers it to be his lucky charm and all important decisions rest on a flip of this coin.

Harvey’s fictional character biography

Harvey is a fictional character that has appeared not just in comic books, but also in movies and on TV. His early life was not a happy one and through his children he endured a lot of hardship. His father was mentally-ill and both his parents were abusive to him. From a very early age he was starting to developed repressed mental illnesses of his own, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. To start with this didn’t hold him back too much because he was a hard worker. Such a positive trait helped him to attain the position of District Attorney, the youngest one ever in Gotham City. He was just 25 when he when he got the job, which is very young to be shouldered with a position of such power and responsibility. At the time his nickname was Apollo, thanks to his clean cut image and dashing good looks. During his time as District Attorney he tries to rid Gotham of its crime bosses Carmine Falconi, The Penguin and Sal Maroni. Together with the help of Batman and James Gordon. However, Falcone hires a corrupt District Attorney, by the name of Vernon Fields and it is this man that give Sal the sulphuric acid that is thrown over Harvey. The coin that Harvey uses was a gift from his father. And he made sure it was never spent during his time in the casinos, enjoying one of his favourite pastimes, gambling. The coin was used by his father in a nightly game he played with Harvey, Sadly, it was a game that always ended in a beating from his father. Fields and Maroni do eventually get their just desserts from Harvey, but it leads to his capture and eventually his incarceration in Arkham Asylum.