Gambit Playing CardsAppearing in Marvel comic books, Gambit is a character that’s purely fictional. He is usually associated with the X-Men and initially appear in Uncanny X-Men Annual number 14, followed by an appearance in Uncanny X-Men number 266. Both of which were published in 1990. His character is the brain child of Chris Claremont, one of the top comic producers of all time, and he’s been brought to life by the illustrations done by Jim Lee.

Who is Gambit?

Born with the name Etienne LeBeau in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was kidnapped shortly after his birth. It was the LeBeau Clan Thieves Guild that kidnapped him before giving him away as a tribute to the Antiquary. This unwelcome upbringing didn’t serve him well in later life and it meant that very few of his villainous acquaintances actually trusted him. Gambit possesses superhuman abilities that means he can control, create and manipulate objects using pure kinetic energy. He is a mutant that uses his superpowers to great effect. Charging various objects, for example playing cards, with kinetic energy and using them as explosive weapons he can throw. Other skills he possesses are hand-to-hand combat, card-throwing and he is an excellent bo staff user. He also happens to be very knowledgeable. One of his favourite pastimes is gambling and playing in casinos, which is how he got his nickname. You will never see him gambling online from any website such as, but you will see him in the comic books in some of the most famous and renowned casinos in Las Vegas playing blackjack or poker. We are expecting in one of the future features of the comic Gambit to change the brick and mortar casinos with some advanced high tech online betting rooms, which offer challenges even for him.

He also has a love interest in the form of Rogue and their on-off relationship creates a consistent amount of stress. His love of Rogue shows that he does have a more sensitive side and he is also very proud of his Louisiana heritage.

Gambits comic book appearances

There have been a number of Marvel comics that Gambit has appeared in. The first of which was Uncanny X-Men Annual number 14. He also appeared in almost every issue of Uncanny X-Men once he had joined up with then. Following his last appearance in issue number 281, he moved on to feature in the X-Men title for a few more years. He joined up with Storm when she created a splinter group hunting for Destiny’s diaries and co-starred with her from number 5 of X-Treme X-Men until the end of the series. There have been four mini-series that Gambit has either starred or co-starred in. As well as three ongoing series. There were 25 issues for one of these as well as two annuals. Another of the series ran for 12 issues and the third for a total of 17 issues. Gambit headed up a group of renegade mutants in 1995. The publication was called Gambit and the X-Ternals. 2009 saw a series of publications that explored his past and was called X-Men Origins: Gambit. Curse of the Mutants: Storm and Gambit was published in 2010 and the following year he co-starred in the publication X-Men:Legacy. Bringing the history right up to date, the latest news is that he will co-star in his own comic book in 2018, called Rogue and Gambit.