Best Selling Comic Books

Whether you’re into comic books as a form of investment or you simply enjoy reading them you’ll want to know the most popular ones that have been published. Hundreds of new titles are released every year, and with so many to choose from the decision can be a little overwhelming. What follows is a list of the top popular comic books you could read, and a good place to start. We’re not saying these examples are the only ones worth reading. But they are most definitely worth checking out.

Astonishing X-Men

For decades, this comic book has been a fan favourite. Many readers are able to feel empathy for the oppressed underdog characters like Gambit. The creative team that is responsible for this book have been at the top of their game for a number of years. Storylines tend to last about six issues, which means there are plenty of opportunities for new readers to jump on board.

Justice League of America

This is a DC flagship title that has been entrusted to top novelist Brad Meltzer. It is a partnership that’s so far worked extremely well and with artists Ed Benes and Sandra Hope adding to the team it looks like this title will soon enjoy a resurgence in its popularity. Sales are already going through the roof and don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.


Batman is another of DC’s top characters and a number of top creators have had a hand in its ongoing series of books. They include Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb, Frank Miller and many more. Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert have also been instrumental in lighting up Batman’s world with astounding results and villains such as the Joker.


This is a top character in the Marvel universe and there are very few brave enough to disagree. A number of great creators have played a part in his rise to fame and the comic books continue to sell very well. The current team, Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi look set to help Wolverine’s popularity increase even further.

The Ultimates

Mark Millar is the name behind this comic book that is famous for pushing the envelope and featuring huge storylines and violence, much of which mirrors our modern world. He is very creative in his writing, providing readers with many twists and turns that leave them wanting more. The art work is provided by Bryan Hitch and is very detailed. Somehow he is able to capture the emotions of different characters during huge battles, all at the same time. There is one sticking point with this particular comic book and that is the publishing schedule that has seen a number of editions late in arrival.

Dragon Ball

In the western hemisphere, this is better known as a Cartoon Network TV show, but is actually a Japanese manga series by Akira Torlyama that first appeared in 1984 in Asia. Comic books featuring Goku and telling of his adventures have sold approximately 200 million coped worldwide.

Captain America

This is one of the best selling comic books of all time. More than 210 million sales have taken place since it first appeared in 1941. The first issue, published before the US entered World War II, features Captain America on the cover punching Hitler in the jaw. Not surprisingly, this edition sold more than a million copies.

New Avengers

Brian Mechael Bendis relaunched this title and the Avengers team were changed forever. A number of fan favourite characters were brought in including Spider-Man and Wolverine. Well-known artists Francis Leinil Yu (New Avengers) and Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers) have also been brought in to help take the Avengers to new heights of popularity.

Amazing Spider-Man

The Spider-Man character has gained an emotional depth to his character, thanks to J Michael Strazynski. This author has been able to bring his mature writing style to bear in the handling of the Civil War storyline and shown how the hero has struggled with his confusing emotions regarding such a huge issue. The artwork by Ron Garney adds to the experience. More than 530,000 copies have been sold. One special edition of the comic book featured two different covers. It was named the “Obama Issue”. One cover featured Peter Parker and two of his lady friends. While the other edition had the 44th¬†President of the United States on the cover.

Action Comics

One of the most popular characters in this book is the classic superhero, Superman. A favourite of fans worldwide he is one of the worlds most famous superheroes. The artwork of Adam Kubert is sublime and the storytelling and pacing are spectacular. The comic books are very popular, but an ever increasing audience is being wowed by the many films that are being created. And for the future there are a number of villains set to return.

The Incredible Hulk

Artists Aaron Lopresti and Carlo Pagulayan, together with writer Greg Pack are catapulting this character and the comic that is coming close to rivalling the Marvel blockbuster Civil War. Hulk is being taken back to his roots by Pack and has been given a world he can destroy. The popularity of this character is increasing steadily, which in many ways can be put down to the stunning artwork.

The Phantom

With more than 150 million copies sold this is one of the most successful comic book series in the world. It first appeared in 1936 as a daily comic strip created by Lee Falk. A number of different publishers have been responsible in keeping The Phantom alive including Dynamite Entertainment, Egmont and Frew Publications.

The Adventures of Tin Tin

This is quite possibly one of the most popular comic book characters of the previous century. Many of you reading this will certainly recognise the character created by the Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, but written under the pen name Hergé. The books were published in a number of different formats including several graphic novels, a magazine and a strip in comic anthologies. Tales of Tintin and his faithful dog, Milou, have sold more than 200 million copies.