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Featuring an interview with Gilbert Hernandez plus comics from Joe List, Ana Galvan, Sam Alden, John Cei Douglas and many more.

*OFF LIFE is a free magazine. The £3.50 costs are simply to cover P&P.

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Summer was in full swing by June 2013 and OFF LIFE #5 hit the streets just in time to feature at the always awesome ELCAF.

For reasons we’re still unsure of (was someone pimping us somewhere?) we were inundated by submissions from exciting new talent for this issue. Our editor’s now-favourite Ana Galvan had her first story published in this issue, as did Cathrine Pape, Henry Boon and Great Beast’s John Cei Douglas.

Add to that a reveling interview with Gilbert Hernandez, who discussed how not complying with boys-club culture may have hurt his career, and you’ve got yourself an issue that can’t be missed.


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