Welcome to Yellow, an ongoing series that will see 52 artists illustrate 52 weeks of news.

The concept is simple: to showcase the power of illustration by seeing what artists can bring to news coverage beyond traditional film and print journalism. A new piece will be posted here every Monday, reflecting on a story from the prior week, until we gradually build an entire illustrated year from 52 unique perspectives.

Yellow will culminate in a collected book that is now available to back and order through Kickstarter.

Yellow covers

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Yellow is now back from print and available to order! Yellow is our new book that sees 52 incredible artists illustrating a whole year of news. Insid...

YELLOW: Week 52. Brian Grimwood

Today our Yellow series comes to an end, as Brian Grimwood pens the final week in a year of illustrated news. The end is not near, it's here. So sing...

YELLOW: Week 51. Matthew the Horse

It's the penultimate week of Yellow and what better way to mark it than with a story about the death of the great British cucumber... Our year-long s...

YELLOW: Week 50. Chris (Simpsons artist)

There've been a lot of things that can kill you in 2015: drones, ISIS and now – unfortunately – sausages. We've covered a lot of serious threats to h...

YELLOW: Week 49. Chris Riddell

This week the current Children's Laureate steps up to handle Yellow, our series of 52 artists illustrating 52 weeks of news. Last week the UK rolled ...

YELLOW: Week 48. Malika Favre

We've now entered the final month of Yellow – where 52 artists are illustrating a year of news – and how better to mark it than with some newly-found ...
simon-spilsbury-Yellow banner

YELLOW: Week 47. Simon Spilsbury

With the constant barrage of rolling news channels and social media updates, society is awash with more stories than ever before. Which is why today's...

YELLOW: Week 46. Hattie Stewart

Few artists can bring colour to a story like Hattie Stewart does, so who better to illustrate the one-women celebrity news machine that is Kim Kardash...

YELLOW: Week 45. Mark Long

It's week 45 in our series of artists illustrating a year of news, and there's only one story that could have run... We're coming close to the end of...

YELLOW: Week 44. Pete Fowler

As the refugee crisis intensifies, today another artist uses their time on Yellow to illustrate unfolding events across Europe. Yellow is our series ...

YELLOW: Week 43. Ben the Illustrator

Yellow is now deep into its year of illustrating the news. Today the 43rd artist of the series covers stories of unrest in the far east. Last week Ja...

YELLOW: Week 42. Paul Blow

Last week the photo of a drowned Syrian boy gave testament to the power a single image can have, as it sparked Europe into action and changed the cour...