After a little hiatus, OFF LIFE is back with a new issue that will hit bars, galleries, shops and online at the start of May.

“It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t of left you, without some dope comics to step to,” rapped Timbaland back in 2001. Ok, hands up, there’s no denying that we’ve taken our sweet time putting OFF LIFE 13 together. After publishing our last issue back in September 2015, we jumped straight into YELLOW – our book of 52 artists illustrating 52 weeks of news – that hit shelves at the end of the year.

Then there was an exhibition, Kickstarter, talk nights and blah, blah, blah. To cut a long story short we were like that ragged old dish cloth that you keep forgetting to replace. Grubby, honking and of no use to anyone. 

But after a few months hiatus we’re finally refreshed and ready to jam some comics up in your eyeholes. And man, what a lineup we’ve been able to assemble.

Australian artist Ellen Porteus has flexed her considerable skills to create OFF LIFE’s first ever wrap around cover, revealed below for the first time…


Meanwhile, inside the issue, we’re thrilled to feature comics from Molly Bounds, Matthew Dooley, Till Lukat, Josh Hicks, Fabien Roche, Nick Burton and Aleesha Nandhra.

We’ve also columns and feature interviews with Chester Brown, Nobrow co-founder Sam Arthur and Make it Then Tell Everybody host Dan Berry… all dropping serious comics and illustration knowledge.

OFF LIFE 13 will be available in print and digital format, distributed free-to-read in bars, galleries and creative spaces across England. You can also order this issue or any back issue through our humble little shop.


OFF LIFE 13 will be out in print and digital formats from Friday 6 May. Check back here for full stockist lists and download links. Until then, here’s every comic we’ve ever published, free and ready for your wanting eyes.