Crack out your pens, paper, brushes and drawing tablets… it’s time to talk comics again.

It’s been a little while since OFF LIFE 12 hit the streets. Yellow, our book of one illustrated year, consumed every waking hour towards the end of 2015 and the unfortunate result has been no new OFF LIFE issue since September.

Well thank the comic gods for Christmas. We’ve taken a few weeks off, exhaled and are back on our feet… ready to fill our pages with the best new, undiscovered and indie comic artists working today. As ever we’ll be printing the comics on quality uncoated paper, mixing them up with big name interviews and guest columns  – then distributing the issue in galleries, bars, creative hubs and coffee shops in cities around England.

So if you have a comic between 1-5 pages long, we want to see it. If you have an idea, we want to hear it. Hell, if you just want to say hello, come say it. We’re back and ready to put out the best issue of OFF LIFE that any of your eyeballs ever did see. So get at us.

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