Today our Yellow series comes to an end, as Brian Grimwood pens the final week in a year of illustrated news.

The end is not near, it’s here. So sing Band of Horses as we post the last entry in Yellow; our year-long series of artists illustrating the news.

In the last 52 weeks we’ve seen Supermundane illustrate homophobic pizza makers, Malika Favre zip-up Playboy and Martin Rowson respond to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. 51 incredible artists have had their say on a sometimes baffling year of news, and now it’s time for the final artist to end things in style.

Seen by many as the grandfather of British illustration, Brian Grimwood’s evolving style has changed the face of the art form on these here shores for over five decades.  He is also the founder of the Central Illustration Agency, which since 1983 has been championing illustration and the artists who make it their own.

For the 52nd week of Yellow, Brian chose to illustrate news of ‘killer cows’ where farmers are being told to protect walkers from their cattle. Apparently four walkers were trampled by cows in summer 2015, 74 in the past 15 years. Fortunately, said Brian, “I like drawing cows.”

Don’t forget that we’re holding a launch night for the Yellow book and exhibition at theprintspace Gallery on December 10 – and we’d love you all to come down! More information here.


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