There’ve been a lot of things that can kill you in 2015: drones, ISIS and now – unfortunately – sausages.

We’ve covered a lot of serious threats to humanity in Yellow, our series of 52 artists illustrating 52 weeks of news. Dozens in fact. But last week came the most egregious, as sausages were dubbed little packets of meaty cancer by the World Health Organisation.

Illustrating this tragic news for Yellow is Chris (Simpsons artist), the mysterious illustrator whose work has appeared everywhere from the Guardian and Independent newspapers to NME. As we do with every artist in the series, we asked Chris why he chose to illustrate this story. Quote in his own (imitable) words:

“It was mostly halloween things in the news this week but i decided to do something on the story about scientists finding out that sausages kill people now and after all of these years of people thinking that sausages are a type of fruit they have just found out that they actually contain a harmful poison in them that causes people to melt away but people arent really that bothered because it is such a delicious way to die and they will carry on eating sausages until their whole bodies have melted away and all that is left of them is a throat with a single sausage sleeping peacefully inside. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox”


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