We’ve now entered the final month of Yellow – where 52 artists are illustrating a year of news – and how better to mark it than with some newly-found Playboy modesty.

malika-yellow-webThe collected Yellow book may now be Kickstarted and only a few emails away from print, but news waits for no man and we’ve a month of stories left to illustrate. And given that last week Playboy announced it would be turning its back on bare chested ladies, thank Christ the series has a few weeks in it yet!

Handling week 48 of Yellow is Malika Favre, a French artist working out of London whose beautiful work has featured in Vogue, The New Yorker and in Penguin Books. We asked Malika how she approached illustrating the Playboy story:

“Reading the news is something that gets me down 95% of the time, so I knew I wanted to tackle something that would be positive. Last Monday I read that Playboy was no longer going to expose nude pictures inside the magazine, I knew I had found my perfect news for Yellow.

“This decision comes at a time where porn is pretty much everywhere and doesn’t exactly trigger the same reaction as when the magazine was founded in the fifties. After experimenting with initial ideas, I decided on a very minimalistic approach: zipping up the magazine cover itself to get the message across. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to sexiness and sensuality, so I wanted the approach to also reflect that.”

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Coming up in Yellow: Chris Riddell (next Monday), Chris Simpsons Artist and Matt the Horse.