This week the current Children’s Laureate steps up to handle Yellow, our series of 52 artists illustrating 52 weeks of news.

Last week the UK rolled out a red carpet for Xi Jinping, President of The People’s Republic of China. Any concerns of human rights or sustained cyber attacks were swept under the carpet, as Mr Jinping banqueted with the Royals and enjoyed a quick pint with Dave Cameron himself.

Illustrating news of the visit for week 49 of Yellow is Chris Riddell, a long-time political cartoonist for The Observer and current Children’s Laureate. We asked Chris how he approached illustrating the story:

“The first published cartoon I ever drew was of a Chinese Dragon clutching Hong Kong. That was in 1988. Some things don’t change and I don’t believe that human rights are ever a luxury that governments can choose to ignore. That pig’s head is a gift that keeps on giving!”

riddell. yellow web

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Coming up in Yellow: Chris Simpsons Artist (next Monday), Matt the Horse and a surprise 52nd artist closing the series.