It’s week 45 in our series of artists illustrating a year of news, and there’s only one story that could have run…

We’re coming close to the end of Yellow, where 52 artists are illustrating 52 weeks of news. But with a couple months yet to go, who knows what stories will crop up… as this week showed.

Enter David Cameron, Lord Ashcroft’s new book and the mouth of a dead pig. Are any other details needed?

The artist penning week 45 for Yellow and who was gifted this glorious open goal is Mark Long, a London-based illustrator whose work can be found in the Independent and the Green Soccer Journal among others. We asked Mark how he approached illustrating this story:

“I was tempted to amuse myself and draw something really explicit, something like the PM just screwing a pig, but in the end I decided to go for something a little less vulgar. The allegations are entirely unsubstantiated, but that hasn’t stopped everyone being amused by it.

“I guess that’s part of the reason I didn’t actually draw Cameron. It doesn’t matter whether he did it or not – it’s just funny. Even if he didn’t do it, we all think those Bullingdon types are a bunch of annoying wankers doing equally or more irritating things anyway.”


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