As austerity cuts bite ever deeper, this week’s Yellow artist rides to the frontline with illustration in hand.

Last week Labour candidates and former PMs alike filled the airwaves to make public their in-fighting, bashing leftwing policy while the Conservative Government sat back and planned their cuts. Presumably laughing.

There were few other stories that Yellow – our series of 52 artists illustrating 52 weeks of news – could have tackled than the surprise rise of would-be white knight Jeremy Corbyn; cutting through political dogma with the shabby charm of a University lecturer.

Taking the reigns of Yellow this week is Mat Pringle, a South London illustrator and member of Puck Collective who penned the second ever OFF LIFE cover. As we do with all artists, we asked Mat what drew him to this story:

“What a week for UK politics, as our grotesque Tory overlords plunged another knife into the have-nots with their Welfare Reform and Work Bill, which sent Labour into disarray with just fifty members including Jeremy Corbyn voting against it. The press have suggested his leadership would usher in the fall of the Labour party, but for me they’ve been dead for years sitting timidly in the middle of the road with their spineless rhetoric.

“So I present – i, The Beast of Austerity and ii, Labours Last Stand – a two print set. I decided a linocut print would suit the apocalyptic end-of-days 14th Century woodcut aesthetic I was going for, seeing as the current government want to destroy everything that is good in this country.”

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